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Some of the feedback Ted Mahle has received from his students.

  1. Since working with Ted I have been looking at everything with different eyes!

  2. I don’t have words to express how wonderful this class has been! Ted is so joyful, wise, positive, and encouraging, to say nothing of brilliant and talented. He worked with each of us so patiently. He walked the delicate balance between allowing our searching while firmly supporting us and ushering us forward – the wind beneath our wings- he enabled us to fly.

  3. He’s a magician! To guide us through the creations the way he did. The charcoal drawings and what I learned is applicable to chalkboard drawing. Hopefully he will teach us a course specifically geared toward the need for quick chalkboard sketching.

  4. Excellent teacher. Lots of energy and enthusiasm, very enjoyable class.

  5. Art classes are always hard for me. Ted gives techniques. I’m not always able to perform them well. I’m grateful for his tolerance. Very crowded space –lots of time each morning needed by the earlier arriving students to set up paper, charcoal, etc. for everyone

  6. Fascinating class. I loved the drawing.

  7. A great way to start the day! I enjoyed Ted’s sense of humor and thoughtful attention to detail, a very supportive learning environment.

  8. Ted’s funny. We drew. We drew! Keep him next year for us; he’s perfect.

  9. I admire Ted’s patience and ability to show us “ungifted” students some basics.

  10. I’m sure everyone responds the same way- marvelous. Great classroom manner, brisk to the point, funny, demanding and accepting. Above all, Ted grounds it in anthroposophy in a very organic way. That was quite important.

  11. Lots of fun and very exciting.

  12. Excellent, lovable! Not enough time spent with this alchemist. Very gentle and dear.

  13. Good teacher. I thought he was really, really striving to teach us.

  14. It was wonderful having this first thing in the morning. Ted gave us a handful of concepts to work with and showed us how to explore them in different ways each day. He connected the concepts well to what I was learning in the other classes, too – 3foldness, etc. And his sense of humor, warm and genuine interest in us as individuals made this class a blast.

  15. Great fun! I didn’t know I could draw.

  16. What a great experience! This art seems a little more accessible.
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